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Dr Kokab Shahab

Dr Kokab Shahab

M.D -General Medicine and MCPS (ongoing)

Aesthetic Consultant at 3D Lifestyle


A qualified Medical Doctor (General Medicine) with a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and an ongoing MCPS post graduation training. She received a 2 yearlong training in Internal Medicine from Liaqat University and a 6 month training in Dermatology from Hyderabad.

She has a vast range of experiences; medical and administrative, namely; having served as the Medical Officer for almost a year in Cardiology, NICVD Karachi and as the Quality Assurance Manager at Omar Hospital Lahore, respectively.

Dr. Kokab joined us here at 3DLifestlye as our Consultant and Aesthetic Doctor with the aim to work in a professional environment where her knowledge and skills in medicine would have a profound impact in favour of the productivity of the organisation and herself.