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Dr Zaeema Chaudhry

Dr Zaeema Chaudhry


Aesthetic Consultant at 3D Lifestyle


Dr. Zaeema is a qualified and registered medical practitioner with an ongoing Fellowship FCPS –II in Dermatology from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. She is also acquiring a Board Certification in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.

She has extensive experience and exposure in professional environments given her 5 years of serving as a Dermatologist in some of the most renowned healthcare centers such as Mayo Hospital, Lahore. She has also previously practiced reconstructive plastic surgery along with dermatology in Jinnah Hospital.

Dr. Zaeema’s interest in Cosmetology/Aesthetics fueled her to stay up to date with modern technology for a successful career; which ultimately lead her to join 3D Lifestyle as our Aesthetic Consultant. She looks forward to helping our clients look their best beautiful, henceforth becoming an integral asset to the success of the company.