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Dr. Sidra Mehar Batool

Dr. Sidra Mehar Batool


Aesthetic Consultant at 3D lifestyle


Dr. Sidra Mehar Batool is a qualified doctor and received her MBBS from University College of Medicine and Dentistry. She worked as a House Officer in General Surgery, General Medicine, Gynecology, Cardiology at Benazir Bhutto Hospital in Rawalpindi. She also worked as a Medical Officer in Dermatology Department in the same hospital.

Dr. Sidra has been actively attending workshops on a wide array of topics including Healthy plate, Nutrition, Melasma and Acne Management including the workshop she attended on Obesity Management by renowned speakers.

She also attended PIMA Biennial Convention Workshop on Hirsutism in collaboration with the Dermatology Department of Benazir Bhutto Hospital.