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Laser Hair Removal: Hair Reduction Solution for Men & Women 

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

If you’re like most people, your seemingly never-ending battle with unwanted hair involves shaving, waxing, and plucking. Everywhere, men and women spend countless hours each year on different hair removal techniques that all need ongoing care and upkeep. 

Have you ever wished there was a quick, simple, long-lasting solution to getting rid of unwanted body or facial hair? Lucky for you! The expert team of aesthetic consultants at 3D Lifestyle has helped countless patients achieve smooth, flawless, long-lasting results with 3D TrilogyICE Permanent Hair Removal. 

What body parts are suitable for laser hair removal?

In what areas can the procedure be used? This is a question that is frequently asked by those considering laser hair removal. 3D TrilogyICE Permanent Hair Removal is very efficient, but it’s also mild enough to be applied to even delicate body parts. Traditionally, the body parts that receive laser hair removal the most frequently are:

  • Full Face/Facial Area
  • Full Body
  • Arms 
  • Legs   
  • Chest, Belly & Back
  • Bikini Area & Bikini Line (Females only)
  • Upper Lips & Chin
  • Beard & Neck Line 
  • Face Sides 
  • Chest (Males)
  • Cheeks
  • Unibrows
  • Ears
  • Front of Neck
  • Shoulders


Facial Hair Removal

Tired of regular waxing, tweezing, and bleaching of facial hair? Try our TrilogylCE facial hair removal treatment, which is equipped with 3L wavelengths that target every kind of hair, large or small, thick or thin, and will make your skin flawless.


Upper Body Hair Removal

Waxing, plucking, and shaving can be time-consuming, expensive, and tiresome. Get rid of unwanted hair with our TrilogylCE Permanent Hair Removal Treatment, which removes all types of hair and is effective for all skin types.

Lower Body Hair Removal (Only for Females)

Our laser treatment is the best in town! TrilogyICE incorporates multiple laser wavelength technology that targets both thick and thin hair, making your skin smoother and clearer.

Full Body Hair Removal 

Are you tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing? Do you experience acne-like breakouts or razor bumps after removing unwanted hair? Our newest non-invasive procedure can help you get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal – REDUCE Strawberry Legs and ADD Smoothness

Friday, August 19th, 2022

You asked, we answered! A lot of you asked us how to get rid of strawberry legs. Worry not! It is neither an illness nor dangerous. It’s treatable through different methods & Laser Hair Removal is one of them. 

Let’s proceed further. If you are wondering what strawberry legs look like. Let’s help you out with that. Now put the phone away and check your legs. See the dark dots? Yep. These dots resemble the seeds of the strawberry, that’s why they are named strawberry legs. People usually get them on legs, meanwhile one can have these dark dots on their arms or other body parts too. 

Causes of Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs are caused when dirt, bacteria, or dead skin get stuck in the hair follicle. The question is how do these above-mentioned things get into your skin? Possible causes are:

  • Shaving
  • Clogged Pores
  • Dry Skin

There are also other reasons like; folliculitis & Keratosis pilaris.

Cause 1:

When you shave your legs without using any shaving product or with the razor that is not sharp. At that time you suffer from these dark dots. 

Cause 2:

Sometimes one has open pores naturally (in genes). This is another reason for dark spots’ appearance. Open pores catch all the dirt in the air & make the pores congested.

Cause 3:

Overly Dry Skin also causes strawberry legs. Dry skin is a home of dead skin cells and this dead skin is an ‘excellent’ way to clog the pores.

Other Causes:

Washing your legs with hot water or having hot water showers everyday can enlarge or inflame the pores. Wearing tights can develop bacteria in the skin and what you get…..yep, strawberry legs.

Strawberry Legs Treatment

There are a couple of home remedies that actually help you in getting rid of strawberry legs.

EXFOLIATION! Exfoliation is one of the main keys that helps you with those dark dots. Always exfoliate your skin before shaving. Try not to wear tights all the time. Avoid hot water showers everyday.

Exfoliation Treatment -3D Triology ICE

All these remedies are temporary and might not even work on some people so why not  try something which is more permanent and takes away unwanted hair as well.

3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment helps with strawberry legs by removing dark pigmented hair, reducing the look of the strawberry legs at the same time.

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Is Laser Hair Removal A Permanent Solution?

Friday, August 5th, 2022

For many people, removing unwanted hair is the most difficult part of their daily routine. Waxing, shaving and plucking are painful, time taking and expensive (in the long run). If you’re no stranger to ingrown hairs you’ve almost definitely debated laser hair removal before. If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted hair daily, 3D Lifestyle has all your laser hair removal needs covered. Let’s find out everything you need to know about laser hair removal, you’re exactly where you need to be. 

You’ll probably be amazed to know that most patients said that laser hair removal is less painful than waxing.

At 3D Lifestyle, we’re able to deliver painless hair removal with the power of three wavelengths in a single beam. It has an in-built cooling effect and gliding motion that makes it even more effective. It is ideal for all skin tones and hair types, equally effective for both men & women. Painless hair removal? Yes, please. 


While laser hair removal can be performed on men and women, according to a survey, women will spend approximately 72 days of their lives shaving their legs! Men who shave daily won’t be far behind in this race. So run, don’t walk, to start saving precious minutes today.

‍Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Its effect is permanent. 
  • It removes hair without damaging the skin. 
  • Laser hair removal is a super quick process.
  • It takes just a few minutes for smaller areas, but for larger areas it takes less than an hour.
  • Laser process is quite simple and effective.
  • Risks are quite low.


‍There are no risks associated with laser hair removals. However, a person may feel skin irritation, redness and itchiness. Furthermore, this is temporary and the normal skin color is restored in some amount of time.

These side-effects are not common to every person. Many experience no side effects. This also depends on various factors like the contrast of the hair and the skin and post-treatment care.

So, if you are looking for a permanent solution but still can’t make your decision, You can get a FREE PATCH TEST. 

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Smelly, Sweaty & Hairy Armpits? READ THIS For a Solution

Monday, July 4th, 2022

Summer is ending and the monsoon is coming, which means it’s not all about the heat anymore. The weather is hot and humid. It’s not only making humans restless but insects too. That’s why they are getting out of their shelters and invading our homes (UGH..). Let’s come back to the point. When the weather is humid and hot, you sweat a lot. If you have hairy armpits then your full body must smell funny too (if not, you are truly blessed).

Yes! That’s right, hair in the underarms contributes to sweating more and smelling weird. Why? It’s because our body is covered with sweat glands and they excrete sweat & this happens when the temperature of our body rises.

Hair in our underarms makes the surrounding areas warm and you start sweating more than usual. Due to excessive moisture, your hair follicles start trapping odor-causing bacteria. That’s why your body starts giving off a weird smell.

If you start noticing that people are not sitting with you for long then it’s a sign that you need to make that body odor go away. (Seriously, you need it)

Btw, there are other factors that cause smelly armpits like stress, lack of hygiene and some foods are also the reason. (Let’s get into the depth of these issues some other day.)

Solution At 3D Lifestyle – Laser Hair Removal

To get rid of hairy, sweaty, and smelly armpits, the first thing you should be taking care of is your hygiene, shower daily, and then get your hair removed via hair removal treatment. By hair removal treatment we mean Laser Hair Reduction, not other methods. Why? They have their own issues (Read: Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing – Why & How?)You don’t have to go further. 3D Lifestyle’s 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment has got you covered.

Hair reduction is equally important for both men & women. The best thing about 3D Laser Hair Removal treatment is that it’s;

  • Safe
  • For all skin tones
  • Works on all hair types

Whether you want to remove extra hair from the underarms or the full body, 3D TrilogyICE is the best option for you.

Scared of getting treatment? Well, we have a FREE PATCH as well. So don’t be shy and visit us.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Dark Skin Tones?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

South Asian and Fair skin tone? Nope! They (normally) don’t go side by side. In South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh & India, people have dark skin tones & it’s completely normal. Either you are a South Asian or have a fair skin tone. If you surf the internet, you’ll notice that some websites claim that Laser Hair Removal is not safe for dark skin tones. Why? Let’s go on.

If your body produces too much melanin then you get a dark skin color. It’s a blessing that we have skin that is brown. Want to know why?

“Did you know? light skin is sensitive to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.”

Light skin reacts to sunlight quickly and that’s why skin starts getting red, hot and it becomes painful. Here in Pakistan, the temperature is mostly warm. That’s why here everyone (excluding a few) has dark color skin. Extra melanin in dark-colored skin somehow protects it from UV rays. It doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from sun exposure. (Try 3D Lifestyle Sunblock SPF 50)

In the beginning, Laser hair removal treatment was not very advanced and it only worked on fair skin. Laser, used to detect dark pigmentation whether it was in the skin or hair follicles.

Pale people have dark pigmentation only in their hair follicles and laser worked best on them. While the dark people used to get Laser burns and irritation because it targeted their follicles AND SKIN TOO (ouch!)

3D Laser Hair Removal For All Skin Tones

Nowadays this aesthetic treatment is done with advanced machines, so there are no chances of getting hurt. These days Laser beam only targets hair follicles by going through the skin pigmentation and your skin stays safe and unaffected. Why go further when you can get the world’s safest and painless Laser Hair Removal for full-body at 3D Lifestyle. This is not only for women but men can get the privilege to get this amazing treatment. You can get laser hair removal for the face or the whole body. It’s up to you.

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