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3D Lifestyle has opened its treatment center in Rawalpindi & Peshawar

3D Lifestyle has opened new treatment centers in two more cities of Pakistan

We have opened new treatment centers in two more cities of Pakistan

Now the people of Peshawar and Rawalpindi, You will also be able to access advanced aesthetic medical services for your fat reduction and skin tightening with nonsurgical and noninvasive procedures

3D Lifestyle, our aesthetic medical firm has opened two new treatment centers for you in Rawalpindi and Peshawar to expand our services and to give an easy access to maximum people in Pakistan. We are already providing our services in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad with noninvasive and nonsurgical procedures.


3D Life Style Center of Medical Aesthetics

Muhammad Arcade

3rd Floor, Adjacent Sultan CNG Station

Hayatabad , Ring Road , Peshawar

UAN:  021 111 232 889

Whatsapp: 03 458 232 889


Lipo Clinic (A project of Shaafi International Hospital)

Suite # 1, 2nd Floor

One The Mall, Mall Road

Saddar, Rawalpindi

UAN:  021 111 232 889

Whatsapp: 03 458 232 889

This will help people from Rawalpindi and Peshawar gain access to these worldwide in-demand technologies and treatments which are already being delivered without surgery to already thousands of people in several countries.

Mr. Jawad Qureshi, as the CEO of 3D Lifestyle Pakistan, has showed renewed hope in spreading the access of these treatments in each part of Pakistan, and has considered this step as an important milestone.

As the continuous efforts including exercises keep failing to deal with stubborn fat pockets in areas like muffin top and thighs etc. many institutions and clinics have announced alternative solutions, treatments and surgeries. While many of them may reduce an inch or two, they do come with the shortcomings of surgical procedures, side effects of anesthesia and scar marks.

Specializing in Radiofrequency and Focused Ultrasound, we provide targeted fat removal and skin tightening services without the need of surgery, without any side effects and hence, without leaving any scar marks.