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A prescriptive treatment tailored to meet your needs using a combination of non-surgical technologies to banish dreaded cellulite.

Cellulite is a stubborn type of fat that bulges from dermis into the epidermis with tight hard to break septa thus blocking the intradermal blood vessels thus making it difficult to treat and gives the rough appearance to the skin.

3D LIPO targeted cellulite through a prescriptive treatment tailored to meet your needs using a combination of non-surgical technologies to banish dreaded cellulite key areas like buttocks, thighs etc.

  • Shockwave (standalone)
  • Shockwave & Cavitation (3D Cavi-shock)
  • Shockwave & Cryofreeze
  • Shockwave & rf therapy
  • 3D Dermology (standalone Endermology cellulite treatment)
  • 3D Dermology + Cavitation
  • 3D Dermology & radio frequency

Here we will explain about Dermology cellulite treatment as the shockwave and other treatments modalities are explained under other treatment combination.
Also see 3D BUM LIFT for shockwave mode of action and technology explanation.


Best for:

Cellulite; Lymphatic drainage; Enhancement of the blood supply of the treated area.

Tech explained

3D-dermology incorporates the basic principles of lymphatic drainage to assist the body in moving lymph through the network of lymphatic vessels in its return to the circulatory system. This treatment is also great for enhancing the results of other 3D-lipo treatments due to encouraging the waste from the fat cells destroyed to be flushed out through the lymphatic system.

How this tech works:

Cellulite is caused by fat cells pushing against your skin. Through a combination of vacuums and skin rollers, 3D-dermology mobilizes these fat cells, subsequently causing parts of the cells to leave the body via the lymphatic system. This reduces the visibility of cellulite and ultimately gives a bright looking & smooth skin in the area.

What is the outcome of this treatment?

The overall skin tightening and smart body will be the end result. Stubborn fat and cellulite will eventually be removed and beautifully toned body will be the outcome. You can expect a more firm, shaped and beautiful skin. Other than the appearance of skin your circulation and connective tissue strength will also be improved.

What areas can be improved with 3D-dermology?

3D-dermology treatment targets unwanted cellulite thus giving a smoother and bright looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Common areas typically treated are thighs, buttocks and abdomen area.

How many treatments are recommended?

Depending on your type of the stubborn fat and the treated area usually a course of 6- 8 treatments is typically recommended for best results. However your aesthetic consultant will tailor the best suitable treatment suits your skin and meets your concerns.

What results can I expect from this treatment?

Results can be seen following treatment; however visible results will be obvious after 2-3 weeks and keep progressing throughout a course of treatment.

Can I combine 3D-dermology with other treatments?

3D-dermology can be done as course of standalone treatments; however it is also commonly combined with fat removal treatments such as cavitation, to encourage the fat cells to be flushed through the body’s lymphatic system.

What will I experience during treatment?

The 3D-dermology hand piece will be placed on the skin during the course of treatment lasting up to 30min per area; you will feel the vacuum drawing the fat into the hand piece as it is then rolled across the skin. This treatment can be slightly uncomfortable and may cause slight redness, bruising, and mild tenderness post treatment but these insignificant sensitivity side effects will disappear within maximum of 7 days period, your aesthetic consultant may advice you to have oral painkiller to minimize the tenderness during the procedure.

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